Sunday December 8, 2013 Family Matters radio show: Announcement

don't miss this announcmentThis Sunday, December 8th, 2013, my husband and I are excited to watch our kids perform in the Trinity United Church Choir and Theatre Club.


While we’re enjoying that, you may enjoy listening to CFRU 93.3 FM about Parenting and Anger: Walking the Ultimate Path to Peace with Stephanie Bachmann-Mattei.

Here’s the link to the original broadcast from Sunday, September 30th, 2012:


Next week, December 15th, 2013, the final show of 2013, I’m interviewing Jill Kraft Thompson about her heartfelt tale “Finding Jill: How I Rebuilt My Life after Losing the Five People I Loved Most”. She’s going to talk to us about how to love again after tremendous loss and how to support a friend or loved one during the holidays who may be grieving.

The station will be playing archives December 22nd and 29th, 2013 and January 5th, 2014 while we enjoy some time with our families. I hope you have a happy, joy-filled holiday with your family and friends.


We’ll be back with new shows January 12th, 2014: Birth into Being , a two-part show about Elder Abuse and a show about Immigration Issues for a start…



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