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In January, 1997 Gaye and Ed Chicoine began a 3 1/2 year journey with their six children driving from Canada to the bottom of South America and back. They travelled through 15 different countries. Gaye Chicoine’s self-published book “Living Dreams: 1 van, 3 years, 2 parents, 6 kids, through 15 countries and becoming a functional family” is a detailed record of her family’s travel events. It began as a journal so that they could remember their travels. It became a story of educating children in non-traditional ways, becoming a functional family, and a story of learning from listening and not listening to our dreams. I love the rawness of Gaye’s stories and how she shares her struggles, feelings, and how she learns from her mistakes.

Living Dreams (book cover)

Part 1:

What does Gaye mean by “functional”? How did 3 ½ years of travel do this for Gaye’s family? How does her family manage frustrations now? How do we stay conscious and compassionate to ourselves and our children?

We began to explore why we might want to create a mindset and lifestyle that supports choice, connection, and learning from mistakes. Children can make their own choices with gentle guidance. As long as choices are not intended to be harmful, let children experience the consequences and learning from making choices.

Part 2:

Exploring: “life-learning” home schooling style, socialization, pros and cons of home schooling, Travel as Education, and living simply

I am so please to have Gaye Chicoine on the show. Her goal is to create positive energy and inspire as many people around the world. She inspires me. I think you’ll love her too.

Gaye Chicoine is a professional photographer by trade, a mom to six life-learning, young adults, and partner to her husband Ed. After working in the photographic profession and teaching college level photography for several years, Gaye became a full time mom and home-schooled all six children. Her passions include: travelling the world; being an advocate for the health, freedom and rights of children; cooking nutritious meals; preparing herbal remedies from local plants; and avoiding toxic chemicals in the environment as much as possible. She developed her own skin creams and lotions to prevent chemical exposure.

Now that her children are adults, Gaye’s goal is to share her wisdom with young families through coaching, books, and seminars. You can reach Gaye at or check out her websites: and

Here’s a link to Gaye’s article in Life Learning Magazine.

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