Show 98 – Grief and Divorce

Grief shows up in many ways during separation and divorce for the one leaving, the one being left, the children, and the extended family and friends. Divorce is a community affair. And while you’re grieving, you’re also expected to navigate the uncertain terrain of co-creating a parenting plan and separation agreement. How the heck do you do that, you ask?!


Cat Zavis is a collaborative divorce lawyer, mediator, skilled coach and trainer in Compassionate Communication from Bellingham, Washington State. She has a passion for helping individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofit organizations transform crisis and find real solutions that satisfy everyone’s needs. Heartfelt understanding, standing up for everyone’s needs, advocating for both parents and children, empowering people to make choices in alignment with their values and needs are guiding principles in Cat’s work. You can reach her at and


Cat Zavis talks with Wendy McDonnell about navigating grief and the ways it shows up during divorce while you’re co-parenting with your soon-to-be or ex-spouse.


Other Resources:


Collaborative Law Practice – International Academy of Collaborative Professionals with informative videos and information for divorcing couples


Community Justice Initiatives in Kitchener, Ontario is a non-profit organization providing services in conflict resolution, group support for persons impacted by sexual trauma, and reintegration support for women returning to the community from prison (Stride Night) and reintegration support circles. Programs and services are made possible through trained community volunteers, donations, individual and public support. Services are available free or for a nominal fee.


Family Mediation Canada in Kitchener-Waterloo Area is an interdisciplinary association of professionals, working together, creating a better way to provide for co-operative conflict resolution relating to families. FMC was established in 1985 as a charitable, not-for-profit association.


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