Show 97 – Support for Divorcing Couples and Mandatory Information Programs

While the terrain of separation and divorce can be rocky and uncertain, there are programs, support services, and professionals to help couples navigate this challenging time in their lives.


This show provides general information for anyone who is experiencing a relationship breakdown. While the guests will provide options on how you can work with your former partner to resolve conflicts  and general information about the law, they will not provide specific advice about your family’s situation. Every family situation is different. Please consult with your lawyer to obtain legal advice that applies in your case.


The Ministry of the Attorney General provides a variety of family justice services to Ontario families facing separation and/or divorce. These include: Family Law Information Centres, Family Court Information and Referral Co-ordination Services, Family Mediation Services, and Mandatory Information Programs.


Tonya Brock is the Information and Referral Coordinator (IRC) at the Family Law Information Centre (FLIC) at the Woolwich Street Court in Guelph, Ontario.  The Woolwich Street Court is the courthouse that hears all family law matters in Guelph.  It has both an Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice. Tonya acts as a bridge between family court and their staff, community agencies, Advice Lawyers along with other relevant service providers.  Tonya provides divorcing couples with information and referrals related to separation, divorce and child protection matters, alternative dispute resolution, mediation, and community resources.


Tamara Bodnaruk-Wide is the Director of AXIS Family Mediation Incorporated and oversees all the services it provides. AXIS currently holds the contract with the Ministry of the Attorney General to provide court-connected on and off-site family mediation and information services as well as Mandatory Information Programs in Guelph.  In addition to Guelph, AXIS also provides these services in Hamilton, Kitchener and Cambridge. 


Aired live: Sunday, April 29th, 2012 0800-0900 Eastern Standard Time on CFRU 93.3 FM, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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Ministry of the Attorney General

Glossary of Legal Terms, Information, Articles, Forms, Programs and Services, Family Court and Child Support guidelines


AXIS Family Mediation


Family Mediation Canada


Legal Aid Ontario


Contact Information:

Tamara Bodnaruk-Wide, B.A., M.J.A., Acc.F.M.

Director, AXIS Family Mediation Inc.

Personal Office (905) 523-1118

172 Main Street East, Third Floor

Hamilton, ON L8N 1G9

Head office (905) 308-8152

Fax (905) 523-0117

Hamilton Court office (905) 645-5252 x2515

Kitchener Superior Court Office (519) 741-3281

Kitchener Ontario Court Office (519) 741-3300 x3613

Guelph Court Office (519) 824-4100 x218

Cambridge Court Office (519) 496-6457

Toll Free 1-888-988 AXIS (2947)

Tonya is available at her office in FLIC at the courthouse at 74 Woolwich Street on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m., or can be reached by telephone at 519-824-4100 x218 or by e-mail at


Contact Tamara via e-mail at, or via telephone at the AXIS office (905-308-8152) or via any of the Hamilton, Kitchener, Cambridge or Guelph IRC/Mediation offices.

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