Show 90 – Emotional Eating

When I told people that we were going to talk about emotional eating today, everyone could relate. Each person had a story to tell. Kiki, a mom of two boys ages 8 and 17 years, shares her story about how over eating and emotional eating was getting in the way of her relationships with the ones she loves.

We explore how many of us turn to our addictions to numb out our feelings or take a break from the chaos, and even the joy of family life. Coming alive to the present moment, rigorous honesty, discipline, and reaching out to others can create spaciousness and trust where there is disconnection and lifelessness. When you’ve tried everything else, a twelve-step program may be what you’re looking for. According to Kiki and others I have spoken with, all you need to be is willing to suspend your disbelief and give it a try.


“I put my hand in yours, and together we can do what we could never do alone.” Overeaters Anonymous


Overeaters Anonymous

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous

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