Show 83 – the life cycle of a woman

On November 20th, Lisa Kathleen of and Wendy McDonnell spoke about Playing with Power on Family Matters Radio: how children explore it, and how we can support them. Today we explore the life cycle of a woman. When a baby is born, the mother is also born. She is changed. Although the focus is often on the growing infant, the mother may need help with her own transition from child to maiden to mother. Then, as her life unfolds from wise one to holy old woman to beloved earth.

From Shakti Sisters Yoga, July 2010: “My daughter is getting close to her 2nd birthday, and being with her full time, without my usual ‘escapes’ … and having no childcare or family around, I become a very tired mommy. For the most part, I am used to the daily exhaustion from the battles of will, constant cleaning, managing the chaos, sacrificing my needs, etc.. It’s all part of embracing this ‘mother’ phase of a woman’s life, where we nurture life, take on responsibility, surrender, give to the world, produce, create and compromise. But I admit I often long for the sweet freedom of my ‘maiden’ phase of life… the time of life when I was fully independent, thinner, stronger, more energetic, had more friends, and more fun.”

We explore the life cycle of a woman: divine girl child, blessed maiden, sacred mother, wise one, holy old woman, beloved earth. Come join us for a conversation about rituals, models, community, meaning, the power of sexuality, and self-exploration.

What marks each phase in this cycle? What do you think and feel when you imagine yourself in each of these phases?

What happens when a woman gets stuck at a particular phase?

How can a woman and her community help celebrate and make her transformations easier?

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