Show 80 – Family rituals, ceremonies, and milestones

Ceska Brennan and Bonnie Mullen published writers, trained celebrants and experienced speakers, licensed by the Province of Ontario to perform weddings, join Family Matters Radio to talk about family rituals, ceremonies, and milestones.

copyright 2005 by Wendy McDonnellHistorically, priests, ministers, rabbis or imams in traditional religions helped families celebrate weddings, funerals, naming ceremonies, and other rites of passage. Today, fewer families participate in organized religion. Some couples choose interfaith and same gender marriages. Many families and couples are creating new rituals and traditions based on their cultural and ethnic heritage, their self-expression, old and new values, and beliefs.

Whether you choose to include spiritual or religious elements in your ceremonies, or not, the power of connection, belonging, and togetherness with family and friends remains strong as does the desire to honour life’s transformative changes with significant and memorable wordings and rituals.

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Aired live: Sunday, November 27, 2011 0800-0900 Eastern Standard Time on CFRU 93.3 FM, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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Ceska Brennan kindly offered this  20 questions game to play over the holidays*.

How well does your family know you?

You’ve probably played “Twenty Questions” many times. And your family has quickly come up with the right answer from the simple hints…animal, vegetable or mineral. Well, here’s a twenty question game of a different sort.

How much does your family know about you? If you’ve ever tried to research your family history, you know how important the little family stories and anecdotes mean. The following questions are designed to show you how much your family does or does not know about you.

During the Christmas holidays this year, ask your family members to answer these questions. You might be surprised to find out how many they don’t know or get wrong. Then, and this is the key, take the time to tell them about yourself.

What do you know about your Father, mother, aunt, uncle? …

1. Name?

2. Is there a middle name?

3. Do any of the names have family significance?

4. Birthplace?

5. Was he/she raised by their parents?

6. Where were most of the childhood years spent?

7. Number of brothers and sisters? Can you name them?

8. His/her place in the family? (oldest, youngest etc.)

9. Occupation of his/her father? Mother?

10. Any special family traditions?

11. What level of education did he/she achieve?

12. What is his/her occupation?

13. Did he/she have a dream or goal in life? Has it been achieved?

14. What makes him/her happy?

15. What is the favorite food?

16. What food does he/she hate?

17. Are there any allergies or medical problems that might affect successors?

18. Does he/she have any hobbies?

19. Does he/she play any musical instruments?

20. Are there any family secrets?

Have fun and enjoy the family time.

*Found in the archives and updated by Brennan/Woodlawn Memorial Park/Guelph, ON.



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