Shows 7 and 8-Getting the kids to listen: Parts 1 and 2

Aired Sunday, December 6, 2009 || 8 to 9 am ET ~ Part 1

Aired Sunday, December 13, 2009 || 8 to 9 am ET ~ Part 2

I wrote a  blog article in response to the question: How do I get my children to communicate or to listen to basic requests?

“Even if they do listen to me, they still don’t want to do what I ask them to do!”

“Our relationship is fine. I take care of him. Now, I expect him to take some responsibility around the house without me asking!”

Part 1: Shannon MacKenzie-Fraser, mom to 5 kids (aged 14 yrs to toddler) joins me in the studio to explore how to gain rapport and dialogue with our kids.

Part 2: Jenny Emerson is a mom of 2 kids and has fostered 22 kids in the past 3 years. Jenny facilitates a program called “Power to Parent”. You can find out more about Power to Parent, an 8 week series from January to February 2010 (Guelph, Ontario) by contacting Jenny directly:

Part 2 will examine discipline that doesn’t divide us and what parents can do to keep rapport so kids will (more likely) listen and contribute to the family.

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