Show #6-Supporting Neighbourhood Programs

Aired: Sunday, November 29, 2009, 8-9 am ET

On October 19th, I received a letter from Parkwood Gardens Neighbourhood Group stating that Family and Children’s Services (F&CS) will no longer be funding Preventative Support Work in the Community. Losing this support affects our most vulnerable members of our community as well as those families often referred to as “the working poor”. One to one support, clothing closets, food cupboards, holiday hampers, the backpack drive, the income tax assistance program, the annual summer BBQ, Fall and Winter events, and the community clean up in the Spring will all be affected.

Just this week, I learned that the City of Guelph is considering removing service options, including Grant Funding for the Neighbourhood Support Coalition, as a way to reduce budget spending.

This is a link to the proposed city budget. List A is called
the Department Reduction Proposals for Consideration (page 2-1). List B is called Other Considerations (page 2-16). The Neighbourhood Group funding reduction is not recommended, but open for consideration, on page 2-16 on line OTH 12 -D.

Here is an online Petition to Support Guelph Neighbourhood Groups Funding:

To find out more about the Neighbourhood Support Coalition go here:

These kind people agreed to share their stories and opinions. This is going to be a great show!

Alix Aitkin is the Community Development Worker at Parkwood Garden’s Neighbourhood Group.

Shannon Hann is a single mother. She’s been involved with Parkwood Garden’s Neighbourhood Group since her daughter was a baby.

Roberta Vriesma is a mom of 2 kids who grew up in Bogra, Bangladesh where her father worked. Her experience of being surrounded by extreme poverty and wealth has helped her to appreciate the wealth we have here. She is involved with the Neighbourhood Support Coalition which is a network of neighbourhood and community organizations committed to building and sustaining neighbourhood groups.

Daniel Moore is the current Executive Director of Family and Children’s Services (F&CS).

Jan Fischer is a member of the Social Supports Committee.

Alicia Brame is a Community Development Worker with West Willow Woods Neighbourhood Group.

Francis is a mom of 11 year old twins who’s been a volunteer with Parkwood Gardens since her kids were toddlers.

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