Show 53 – Creating Tribes and Communities

Selena Flood of Collective Footprints joins Wendy McDonnell to discuss the importance of tribes and communities on our physical and emotional well-being.

Why? Support, play, inspiration, purpose, self-worth, understanding, trust, and closeness are all important to us. While we value independence, there are needs that are better met in relationships. Separation may be our greatest fear. Togetherness helps get things done and challenges us to develop interpersonal skills in fun ways.

Who? Mom, Dad, kids; extended families; friends and neighbours who become family; multiple families; and groups of people. You name it. Communities involve people who work and play together. They are made up of people who share common interests and diverse skills. Communities care about each other even when folks are not on their best behaviour.

How? Spend time, not just short visits, with each other. Go on vacation with each other. Make it a regular part of every week. Create more fun and get things done by doing projects so you feel satisfied, even with young children. This includes activities like: fun art projects, cleaning the fridge, doing laundry, gardening, baking bread, painting, cleaning up a store room, building a shed, and mending clothes.

An awesome story about Tribes we read on the air: Finding Your Tribe by Teresa Pitman

Aired live: Sunday, December 19, 2010 8-9 AM ET on 93.3 Fm


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    Very touched by this show Wendy.

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