Show 52 – Restorative Circles

Have you ever said or done anything you regret?

Has anyone said or done something that really ticked you off?

Valerie Lanctot-Bedard and Clayton Barker explore Restorative Circles in families.

Restorative Circles is a way for us to hear and by heard by the ones we care about when we’re in conflict. Rather than making conflict go away, Restorative Circles is a way to move toward conflict to uncover what we’re fighting for. When we understand what’s important to us, we have a better chance of finding solutions to our problems.


Aired Sunday, December 12, 2010 on 93.3 FM in Guelph, Ontario

Restorative Circles is a dialogue process and part of a systemic approach to exploring and learning from conflict. Over the last fifteen years, Dominic Barter and people in the Brazilian favelas, schools, court systems and prisons have been developing the Restorative Circles and System that he is now sharing with the rest of the world.

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