Show 40 – Panel Discussion: Educational Options

Parents share their experiences with and perspectives on various schools and homeschooling. This show is for parents and others exploring educational options.

The panel represents public school, french immersion programs, gifted public school programs, Montessori School, Waldorf School, curriculum based Homeschooling, and Unschooling (Life Learning).


Air Date: Sunday, August 29, 2010 8 to 9 AM Eastern || 93.3 FM in Guelph, Ontario, Canada




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To make informed choices:

-talk to parents and children who are already in the schools you’re considering

-talk with parents and children who are homeschooling

-visit schools and try out programs to see if they fit with your family and your child’s learning style

-get involved: talk to teachers and friends, find out about programs, ask questions, make suggestions and offer help


Carolyn Weatherson says: I have taught yoga to kids in Catholic Schools, English Schools, French Immersion, Montessori, and more, and they are all good. In my opinion we need to support other parents and respect their choices. The only recommendation I have is: listen to your own parental instincts and don’t let anyone else sway you.


Sandra Wilson says she’s happy to talk about homeschooling and unit study materials:



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  1. sm says:

    enjoyed the show and the validation of all those educational choices. it’s time to stop being us vs them

    • Wendy says:

      I’m delighted that message came through in the show. That was what I was hoping for…honouring the choices of each family and each child. Thanks so much for your feedback.

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