Show 35 – The Bumblejums with Des Shanahan

Des Shanahan joins me to talk about The Bumblejums and Raising Awareness about the Environment and other Global Issues.

Des Shanahan created the Bumblejums to help parents teach their children about respect and responsibility towards nature, through a sense of wonder and fun. They live an eco-friendly life in Dandy forest and look out for everyone in Bally Bo.

Meet the Bumblejums is a beautifully illustrated and enchanting introduction to the Bumblejums, their special powers, and the magical world of Bally Bo. Des will read his story and play his songs for us. and

Aired: Sunday, July 25, 2010 || 8 to 9 AM Eastern on 93.3 FM in Guelph, Ontario


This show is one of two parts to answer the question, “How do we raise Global Citizens?”

Although I don’t know how we can train our children to be to be passionate about anything. Passion seems to come from within. It seems that living by example is the most powerful way to teach our children about the environment, about global issues, or engage in social activism. When I listen to people who are passionate about nature and our planet, they each share their rich experiences about playing in and exploring the outdoors.

Next week, I share interviews with a 12-year-old political activist and his mom, and an 18-year-old social activist.

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