Show 34 – Facilitated Decision Making for People with Disabilites with Julia Niimi

Our theme today is “anything is possible when you continue to follow your dreams and get the support you need to live them”

Julia Niimi is an exceptional woman who has worked hard to become an advocate and speaker for people with disabilities. She has Down Syndrome. On May 6, 2010, Julia Niimi won the Women of Distinction Turning Point Award.

Julia Niimi wrote a booklet “The Journey of living with a Disability” and directed a short film “Walking in my Shoes”: a story about being bullied, growing up with a disability, and the support she received along the way.

You can purchase Julia’s booklet and DVD at:
Staples on Stone Road in Guelph, Ontario
The booklet is $9.99. $5 of every purchase goes to support Ontario Special Olympics.
Julia has raised hundreds of dollars to support one of her favourite charities.
Buy her film for $10.00. $9 of every purchase will go to support Families for a Secure Future.

Julia says this about making a film:
Making a movie has helped me to become a better advocate for people with disabilities. I had pain and suffering and a barrier to tell my story. I couldn’t talk about it until I saw me on film.

Making a movie can help people to become leaders in their communities.
Everyone, including people with disabilities, has strengths and weaknesses.
Sometimes people can’t speak. A movie can talk for them.

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