Show 33 – Blended Families with Emily Bouchard

Blending Families is not easy. Blended Families (step families) have specific challenges like:  Navigating parenting differences; Guilt around prior relationships not working out and the impact on the children; Struggles with former spouses and expectations; Logistics around coordinating all the different needs and schedules for the children which often depend on custody agreements; and Money – when child support is not paid, and when Dads experience disparity between paying the former wife while also providing for his new family.

Parents in blended families often have a hard time making transitions from one home to another. How do we make those difficult transitions easier?

What do successful families do?

I expect you’ll learn a tip or two even if you don’t live in a blended family.

Along with training in Marital and Family Therapy, Child Development and Adolescence, Emily Bouchard has learned first hand what works and doesn’t work in Blended Families by being a Step-Mom to 2 teenagers. She helps people to be present to what’s in front of them and celebrate strengths so couples can create lasting, fulfilling relationships.

Emily Bouchard: “Bringing peace to the planet one family at a time.” is the Founder of & The Got Heart? Project at and Senior Coach for

Original Air date: Sunday, June 20, 2010 || 8 to 9 AM Eastern on CFRU 93.3 FM in Guelph, Ontario, Canada


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