Show 17 – Loving Families and Satisfying Partnerships

Aired: Sunday, February 14, 2010 || 8 to 9 am Eastern, CFRU 93.3 FM in Guelph

This Valentines Day we explore: What makes partnerships fulfilling and sustainable? What are the 6 roots of Attachment?

My guest, Susan Dafoe-Abbey is a seasoned registered marriage and family therapist and parent consultant. I am captivated by Susan’s compassion, warmth, and understanding for what matters most to families. I’m sure you’ll love her too.
Susan helps parents and teachers connect with and understand children. Many of her clients are parents of children or adolescents who are struggling with the expectations of family, society, school, or university.

Her early training was as a Gerontologist and Health Educator. Since then, she has authored more than 50 research reports, papers and CDs. Susan is a Faculty Member and Director of Research in the Neufeld Institute and an Authorized Neufeld Presenter and Practitioner. Since December 2008, Susan has recruited 26 Neufeld Directed Studies students. Currently, she is mentoring 25 people who represent business, teaching, psychology, family therapy, social work, police work, foster parenting, and adoptive parenting.

Susan maintains a private practice in her Guelph office with a focus on parent consulting in person, on-line, or by telephone. She combines theory and practice in the context of Dr. Neufeld’s attachment based developmental paradigm. She presents this paradigm at schools, mental health, community, and social-service agencies.
Susan Dafoe-Abbey’s personal motto is “Life is about the people you love”. You can reach her at

Cultivation of a Multi-Generational Community of Attachment: Susan Dafoe-Abbey, Wednesday, March 31, 2010, 7-9 pm at the Unitarian Congregation in Guelph. To register, contact Susan directly.

Relationship Matters: The Challenges of Parenting and Teaching Today’s Children: Dr. Gordon Neufeld, best selling author of “Hold Onto Your Kids”: Wednesday, May 19, 2010, 7-9 pm, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Guelph. $19 advanced ticket sales only at various Guelph locations.

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