Show 152 – Sharing our stories, healing ourselves

Wendy McDonnell, Nicole Odelle Morrison, April Burrows, Lisa Browning, Laura-May Culver

Wendy McDonnell, Nicole Odelle Morrison, April Burrows, Lisa Browning, Laura-May Culver

By listening to these courageous women and their stories, I hope you can see that you are not alone. You can heal too! Their stories are deeply personal and I think many women will be able to relate to stories about growing up with an alcoholic parent, depression, abuse, or living with an abusive spouse. I am inspired not only by how adaptive we are when faced with trauma and abuse in our lives but also by the courage it takes to heal and tell the tale. I’m also struck by how influential adults are to children’s growth and healing, especially in the simple and powerful acts of compassion.


When we express ourselves and are willing to have someone in our life bear witness to our story and see us, we find hope, love, and choice.


Dr. Daniel Siegel who’s a specialist in interpersonal neurobiology and is out to bring more kindness, compassion, and resilience into our world says that sharing our stories in a coherent way helps grow and integrate our brains. In other words, telling our stories is a way to heal from and find strength and resilience after frightening experiences or trauma.

Knowing this, parents can help their own children.

Dr. Siegel says, “When you make sense of a frightening experience, you’re allowing the left hemisphere which is logical and uses language, to actually make sense of the bodily experience of the right hemisphere that’s filled with feelings. Together you can make a story for your child that helps them get through the difficult moments in life so that they make sense and they become strong and resilient.”


Storytelling also inspires us all to share so that we can heal together and become the kind of parents for our children that we would have liked for ourselves…to be the change we want to see in the world. I hope you’ll also hear, woven into the fabric of these tender stories, how kindness, empathy, and care helped each of these ladies make sense of their trauma and go forward to create hope and happiness in their lives and in their lives of their families.


Our guests are:

Lisa Browning wrote “From Fear to Faith”

Laura-May Culver wrote “Maybe Shame is a Colour”

Nicole Odelle Morrison wrote “The Lion’s Roar”

April Burrows wrote “Memories, Milestones, and Moving On”


For help call:

Community Torchlight

Guelph Women in Crisis 24 hour Crisis Line

– your family doctor, a teacher, your counsellor, a spiritual director, a friend


For a copy of the book “Sharing: our stories, our selves, our success” visit OneThousandTrees or their Facebook Page.


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