Show 145 – Birth into Being: Birthing a New You

Young Mother Kissing InfantWe all carry the imprint of old scars, traumas and outdated behavioral patterns within our nervous systems, our cellular matrix and our DNA. What if we could erase these misguided systems, and also transform them, re-design them and re-navigate a new and clear path for ourselves and for future generations?


Our guest today, Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova says her workshops help people like you create new reference points in your own nervous system in order for you to know what it really feels like to love, to feel safe, be supported in this world, to consciously sustain a peaceful mindset in the midst of chaos and intensity, and how to create from the place of Power that does not need to prove itself, because the only true Power there is is Love. We talk about how to do that.


Our guest Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova has dedicated her life’s work to healing our collective past so that future generations will be able to thrive as a species. Join us as we explore concepts of birth trauma, how to experience a blissful and healing birth as well as the essence of birthing a new Self, with new hopes and dreams, where we feel safe and supported in the world. From here, we learn to embrace a mindset of peace and to create from a place of inner Power that is born of Love.

Elena was one of the leaders of the ‘Conscious Birth’ movement in Russia since 1982. She is the director and producer of the 2006 film “Birth As We Know It”, which is translated into 12 languages and shown in 57 countries. The film is about the correlation between birth trauma and quality of life, and about what it really takes to prepare for conscious birth and deliver a baby gracefully, minimizing the impact for all involved.

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Limbic Imprint Re-Coding Workshop Levels 1-3 with Willow Proctor in Toronto, Feb 22 – Feb 27, 2014

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  1. Elena, it is a joy and a pleasure to hear your wisdom and knowledge. You are so inspiring and this world needs to know about what you have to share. So future souls can have those peaceful births and have beautiful starts in beautiful families. I am in!

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