Show 134 – Parenting without Polarity: expanding possibility by understanding judgments

Do you ever think your kids are “just the opposite” of each other? One child is easy going and the other is adventurous and impulsive?

Or you feel trapped and constricted by only a few options available? You feel torn between two seemingly polar opposites, a rock and a hard place, and neither option feels right?

Or do you get triggered by a certain tone of voice or facial expression? You can’t help it but when you hear or see that in your child, all you want to do is make it stop!

It’s hard to release your creativity and express yourself when you feel like that.


Our guest this morning is Sharon Lewis from She is a single mom with two grown adults and a corporate and personal life coach who enjoys growing leaders and single parents to manage their own fear, step into their own potential, maximize their creativity and joy and create abundant environments where others can do the same. She sees the possibility of a world where everyone contributes their own brand of brilliance without reservation or hindrance. Our natural abilities and curiosities are offered joyously and for the pure intrinsic delight of it.


“Allowance is the lubricant of change” says Sharon Lewis

We define polarities and how they show up in ourselves and in our relationships with our kids and our partners.

Although thinking in “right” and “wrong” terms is helpful in life threatening situations when we need to act quickly to protect ourselves or others, we can explore options and get creative with most everyday events.

What might happen if we inquired into what we were reacting to?

What if we asked, “Does this need changing or intervention right now?”

What would happen if we took a look at something we thought was right or wrong and imagined it wasn’t right or wrong…just IS?

We explored the topic of “parenting without polarity” with a lot of lightness and fun examples from everyday family life.


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