Show 131 – Internet Safety

Kids today have never known a world without mobile devices, and 24/7 internet access. The internet gives us easy access to information and communication with friends, family and professionals around the world in an instant.

There are also risks.


This morning’s guests, Guelph Police Detective Constables Jason Guardiero and Bruce Hunter help us discern the benefits and the risks of using the internet. They bring a wealth of information and experience on the topic of Internet Safety as computer forensic technicians from the child exploitation unit.


In this show, learn about the current trends in internet usage for youth and what parents need to know to keep themselves and their kids safe.

  • Above all, what you say on-line can be read by others and can’t be removed. We are not anonymous.
  • Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want to share with your parents or your grandparents.
  • Be careful of what you post.
  • Don’t identify where you live, where you are right now, and where you can be found.
  • Make sure you and your kids post clear messages you want others to read and you’d like to see for yourself.


If you’re willing and ready to introduce the internet to your kids, it is recommended to set up a parent-managed child account for each youth.

Mac OS10, Windows 7 and 8 and parental controls on mobile devices can help parents:

-set time limits so the computer logs off the user when the time is up

-see what sites users are visiting

-hide profanities within dictionaries

-approve websites before kids get access


Learn why it’s important to have early conversations to teach your kids how to use the internet, what to share, and what not to share. Learn how to avoid risky websites like “Omegle” and “Chatroulette” and any program that promises anonymity like “SnapChat”.


This show also covers what parents can do if their child is already using the internet and what laws apply to cyber-bullying and harassment. Ontario is one of the leaders in identifying victims of child pornography on the internet around the world. Learn how the police can support families if you or your child is victimized and how they are working to prevent victimization. In addition to counselling for victims and offenders, programs through the John Howard Society under the Youth Criminal Justice Act and other initiatives are available to educate offenders.


To learn more about internet safety and reporting abuse visit

Crime Stoppers ….. 1.800.222.8477
Victim Services ….. 519.824.1212 #304
Guelph General Hospital ….. 519.822.5350
Crown Attorney’s Office ….. 519.822.1031
Distress Line (24 hr) ….. 519.821.3760
Kids Help Line ….. 1.800.668.6868


Aired: Sunday, August 18th, 2013 0800-0900 Eastern Standard Time on CFRU 93.3 FM, Guelph, Ontario, Canada


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  1. Patsy Liclan says:

    Wendy, Congratulations! This is a great topic for radio. ACBN Radio Maranatha is in her 30th year of transmission and is now automatized but for a local program your topic would be welcomed by many Christian mothers and fathers as well as their devoted “kids”. My question to you is, Do you have the script that you can put on the Internet too? And if so, Would you give accept that we “Google-Translate” to Spanish and then revise (sometimes gender, grammar, difficult phrases that may not be in the older dictionaries, etc.? :) I am leaving Pucallpa, Ucayali today and fly from the coast to Dallas tomorrow night
    but will probably not see my email until Wednesday or Thursday. Blessings! Patsy Liclan

    • Dear Patsy,
      thank you for your kind words and I’m delighted that you’d like to share the show with others in your area.
      I’m glad to share except I don’t have a script. This show was recorded live. All I did was clean it up to fit it into an hour show. What you see here are my notes.
      Feel free to direct interested folks to
      Once there, visitors can find out about me, the work I do, and have access to podcasts and blogs that I publish.
      Please email me directly wendy (at) and we can talk about hiring help to create scripts, protocols for crediting myself and the people who helped make the show possible, and share the content. As a volunteer radio show host and producer for the community station CFRU, I do not sell or trade my shows.
      Enjoy safe travels.
      I look forward to hearing from you when you get your messages.
      With warmth,

  2. Patsy Liclan says:

    PS: Wendy, do you have a web page that I can suggest to others? Patsy Liclan

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