Show 130 – Siblings…Why can’t we all just get along?

Many parents worry about sibling rivalry.


“Why can’t we all just get along?”

“The fighting drives me up the wall!” they cry or they sheepishly admit, “I get along well with each of them individually, but I dislike it when both of them are together.”


Of course, our own close or distant relationships with our siblings, as children and adults, stimulate happy and angry feelings and these experiences can be passed down to next generations.


This morning’s guest is Margie Taylor…a grandmother, a mother, a step-mother, a sister, an aunt and loving wife.


We make reference to one of my favourite straightforward parenting books Siblings Without Rivalry: How to help your children live together so you can live too by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish and the messages the authors share:


“Instead of worrying about the boys becoming friends, I began to think about how to equip them with the attitudes and skills they’d need for all their caring relationships.” Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish


According to Faber and Mazlish,

  • Children don’t need to be treated equally. They need to be treated uniquely.
  • Resist the urge to compare.
  • Let no one lock a child into a role.
  • Children with problems do not need to be viewed as problem children.
  • Learn how to handle the fighting and help your children when they can’t work out a solution on their own.


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