Show 121 – A Gentle Goodnight: Making bedtime enjoyable

If you’re feeling sleep deprived struggling to get your kids to sleep or help them get back to sleep so you can enjoy some cuddle time with your spouse or a chance to get some work done before crawling into bed yourself, you’re not alone. Sleep is an important need. The lack of it can set you off for the whole day and make you dread bedtime each night. Making bedtime easier restores harmony for all.


Californian author of A Gentle Goodnight, wife, and mother of three children Lyssa Armenta retired as Clinical Dietician when she got pregnant with her oldest son 14 years ago. Now, she’s loving her work, sharing the Dancing Method in her book that she perfected after a decade of getting her kids to sleep. Her passion is to keep improving the quality of life for her family and moms and babies!


Not only does dancing work to get your baby or toddler off to sleep in about twenty minutes, it’s a good workout to help Mom and Dad stay in shape and enjoy themselves too.

Learn how letting your baby cry-it-out may reduce the crying over time but keeps baby’s stress hormones high. You can easily help your child regulate his or her emotions and wind down before sleep.


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As a special note, we want to be sensitive to the needs of all parents as they struggle to help everyone get a good-night’s rest. We hope to present stories and solid information and approaches to warm your heart and give you some fresh ideas. Please consult your family health practitioner if you have any concerns about your family’s health or sleep.


By Dr. Sears about sleep, sleep research, and his family:


By Lyssa Armenta – A Gentle Goodnight:


A shout out goes to Kathy Sullivan, my co-host this week.


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