Show 115 – Multiples : Twins, Triplets, and more!

Kathy Sullivan, Davina Koerner and Paola Hohenadel are moms with triplets! They are my experts this morning on CFRU’s Family Matters because we’re talking about parenting multiples.

Kathy has four girls. Her triplets are 14 years old and her youngest is 11 years old.

Davina’s three kids, two girls and a boy, are a year and a half.

Paula’s two girls and son are 14 years old.

They give us the inside scoop on mothering multiples to inspire us all with new ideas to manage family life more efficiently.


“In the first year, especially the first six months, don’t expect to be doing much more than tending to your basic needs like food, staying clean, and sleeping a bit.” Priorities are going to change.


Having encouraging and supportive family and friends available has been such a big help for each family. That means each Mom and Dad learned how to ask for specific help. After the show was over, Paola mentioned a magical moment for her family when they were on their own after about six months of nearly round the clock help. Then a new balance, flexibility, and flow began to emerge as they found their way.


Also, find out what the kids said about sharing their birthday with their siblings!

What do they find enjoyable and annoying?




Twins and Triplets Club or Multiple Births Guelph Wellington

Multiple Births Canada

Mutiple Births Canada/Guelph Wellington

Guelph Community Health Centre for support and encouragement and the Ontario Early Years Centre


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