Show 108 – Play!

 Lawrence J. Cohen wrote in Playful Parenting “The single most important skill parents can acquire is playing.”

“…all play is more profoundly meaningful than we usually think. First, play is a way to try on adult roles and skills, just as lion cubs do when they wrestle with one another…As children discover the world, and discover what they are able to do in the world, they develop confidence and mastery…Play is also a way to be close and, even more important, a way to reconnect after closeness has been severed…The third purpose of play for children, and perhaps the one that is most uniquely human, is to recover from emotional distress.”

Above all, play is fun!

“The more intelligent the animal, the more it plays. Unlike slugs or trees, every human learns new things about the world, and themselves, through discovery and practice…much of it happens through play.”


Masha Kazakevich and Miranda Gulewitsch, teachers from the Guelph Outdoor Preschool, join me in the studio to explore the topic of PLAY.IMG-20130106-00931


Just like in her Grandmothers’ dacha in Belorussia, Masha hopes to share an appreciation for nature and compassion for all living things. Her Grandmother showed her the joy of hunting for wild mushrooms and berries, and using medicinal plants. Along with being a mother of one son, Masha has earned degrees in biological and health sciences and Landscape Architecture. She is also a practiced registered midwife.


Miranda brings over fifteen years of early childhood education experience teaching toddlers to kindergarteners. After spending much of her childhood tromping around in the countryside with her sisters, collecting insects, catching frogs in the creek, camping with the family, reading under shady trees, and helping out in the vegetable garden, Miranda loves inviting children outdoors where they can connect with nature and mature into caring, successful people. Along with her ECE Miranda has a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology.


How is play learning?

What do children learn through play?

Why is play so important for all of us?


Aired live: Sunday, January 6, 2013 0800-0900 Eastern Standard Time on CFRU 93.3 FM, Guelph, Ontario, Canada


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