Show 106 – Surviving a suicide of a loved one


Concerning suicide, survivors are frequently asked:


  • Didn’t you see what was happening and why didn’t you stop the suicide?
  • How do you get over something so horrible?
  • How come you’re not angry?



This show discusses:


  • some of the effects of surviving a suicide of a loved one
  • steps involved in healing
  • how the healing process is different from person to person
  • what you can do to get support


Kathy Barrett is currently working on her book, “Emotional Tsunami,” Surviving The Suicide Of A Loved One. Kathy has worked in Fashion, Music and Film. Drawn to the beauty and power of the Human Spirit she studied documentary film-making at NYU and Global Village and made short films profiling the lives of people bravely rising above personal struggle. In 2011 she began an internet radio program called “Behind The Curtain” which captures the best part of humanity by showcasing guests and their rise from devastation to transformation. You can find out more by visiting


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Aired live: Sunday, September 23rd, 2012 0800-0900 Eastern Standard Time on CFRU 93.3 FM, Guelph, Ontario, Canada


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