Show #1 – Foster Families

Aired: Sunday, October 25, 2009 8 to 9 am ET, CFRU 93.3 FM Guelph

My guest Jenny Emerson is a mother of 2 adopted children and has fostered 22 kids in the past 3 years. Jenny is a Power to Parent Program Facilitator and is doing an intensive study with Gordon Neufeld working with common childhood challenges. I find her stories fascinating and I admire her commitment to her kids. I especially wanted to share with you how she helps insecure kids feel more secure and loved. Although you may not have your own foster kids, I want you to hear the strategies that Jenny is using to help these kids. All parents could be doing the same simple things to help strengthen their own relationships at home.
Jenny brings up an important point at the end of the show. The relationship our children have to us is so important. We may be attached to our kids; but, not all kids are attached to their parents. When we allow our children to be dependent on us when they need it, they’ll emerge as independent people in time.

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