Living Deeply and Dying Well (rebroadcast)

Originally broadcasted January 2, 2011 on CFRU 93.3FM in Guelph, Ontario, this is one of my favourite shows.

With counseling and ceremony, Stephen Jenkinson guides individuals, couples, families and communities through all the human sufferings, sorrows and confusions in life. He’s been doing this for a quarter century.

We begin our conversation with a quote from Stephen’s website

“A culture addicted to security, comfort and ‘be all you want to be’ makes no time in its public or private life for sorrow or uncertainty or the end of things. To a culture like our own, grief is mostly medicated or resolved, and our hearts elbow our lives out of the way in their headlong search for safe landings and getting their needs met. But what would our culture look like and how would our children think of us fifty years from now, if we began to honour and teach grief as a skill, as vital to our personal and cultural and spiritual life as the skill of loving?”

Stephen tells us about teaching grief as a skill, softening our hearts, having reverence for life, and loving as if it not going to last.

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