Conversations about family life on CFRU 93.3 FM from October 2009 to August 2014

Conversations about family life for families of all shapes and sizes.

Family Matters Radio

Family Matters featured live interviews about family life and relationships for over 4 1/2 years. Our weekly heart-felt stories revealed how we are imperfect, living together, and learning all the time. We explored what family life looks like beyond who’s right and who’s wrong so that we can find a lifestyle that is a good fit for all of us as we grow up together. Thank you for listening. We hoped you gained lots of information, resources, support, and inspiration. You can still access the archived podcasts here or on CFRU.caFamily Matters received an Honourable Mention at the June 2010 National Community Radio Awards.

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Click here >>> Listen to a 23 min interview. Rob Schmidt, CKUW Station Manager interviews Wendy McDonnell for their February 2014 FUNdrive.


Thank YOU!


I have been so deeply moved and changed by all the interviews. I am so grateful to all my guests who have been so courageous to share their stories. Thank YOU, my faithful listener and follower for enjoying them too.
I want to express a great big thank you to Christopher, Bryan, Steve, Tara-Michelle, and Sarah for training and supporting me all these years!
Also, thanks to Kim, Kelly, and Margie for all the additional training and fun workshops!
I want to give a huge shout out of appreciation to my assistants:
Karin who not only was faithfully shadowing me the last year and a half but was a saint about filling in for me the last couple of months or so!
and Kathy for sharing my vision and keeping me motivated to do my show the last year or so!
John, John, Kim, Kyle, and Greg,  programmers who came on before and after me, it’s been a pleasure working with all of you! Thank you for making my Sundays fun and such a rich volunteer learning experience!


Family Matters is syndicated too. CKUW 95.9 FM broadcasts Family Matters Saturday mornings 8-9 AM from the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada.


Show Archives are kept on-line. Log onto to look at the Program Schedule or go directly to the Family Matters archives.



Each programmer carefully selects music to enhance the focus and themes of the show. On Family Matters, we play little to no music because we focus on the conversations, but our show begins and ends with theme music.


From October 2009 to September 8th, 2013 we played Hace Tuto Guagua, a Chilean lullaby performed by Familion from the album The Planet Sleeps (1997), a lovely collection of lullabies from the around the world and a “story of a traveler (David Field) looking for connections in a world filled with conflict.”


From September 17th, 2013 to August 2014, we switched to a different theme when we changed the start time of our show.

Dream Academy performs this soothing instrumental arrangement of Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want from the soundtrack Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986). The original song was composed by Johnny Marr and Steven Morrissey.




  • 2013: October 20th and 27th, 2013October 26th to November 2nd, 2013. This year’s theme was Dreaming In Digital. We raised just under $5000 to support a variety of efforts to further CFRU becoming digital, including the long-term project of digitizing our music library, adding mastering software to our studios, and acquiring the necessary equipment to be able to create videos for training and promotion.
  • 2012: Thank you for supporting community radio while I was on a leave of absence for family matters.
  • 2011: Your donations make our station more accessible to volunteers and guests.
  • 2010: CFRU raised over $11,000. The station purchased new portable recorders and re-designed the website. Thank you to all our listeners!
  • 2009: Thank you CFRU listeners for helping the station raise $11,640 during the 2009 Funding Drive “Raise Your Voice”. This surpasses our goal of $10,000. Now, we have our new transmitter. Woohoo!




Thank you Tara-Michelle Ziniuk for her help with the nomination. This wouldn’t have happened without her help. Programmers are way too busy to do this on our own.

On June 11, 2010: CFRU received Honourable Mentions in two categories at the National Community Radio Awards


Family Matters, for Current Affairs/Magazine Show


This Is Montreal, for Syndicated Show or Podcast

The NCRA Awards honour the amazing programming, people and activities our sector has to offer and reflect the range and diversity of community radio across Canada. Winners received national recognition at the NCRC Awards Gala on June 11, 2010 on Gabriola Island, British Columbia and are mentioned on the NCRA website.