Family Matters radio June 2nd and June 9th

Wendy McDonnell, host and producer, is away June 2nd and June 9th.
She’s assisting with the Hike for Hospice June 2nd and
going camping with her two boys and their cubs and beavers the following weekend.
So, here are a couple of shows to listen to in her absence.
They’re older, recorded in the first year of Family Matters. They contain valuable information about building relationships with our children in the early years and when they become teens and young adults.


Teresa Pitman shares her thoughts about trusting our instincts, reducing anger, and receiving feedback from our kids. Her stories show how expressing our feelings of sadness and frustration help us to solve our problems. Julie Wise talks about being there for our kids as they grow up and make mistakes, making rules collaboratively, and seeing the family as a team.



Are you having teen troubles?
Wendy is currently working on a live show for Father’s Day…Teens: regaining the love and trust you think you’ve lost with Ray Erickson.
Please tell us know about the burning questions or concerns you’d like us to address on the radio.

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