Family Matters archives July 21 – July 28 – August 4

Summer is a busy time, huh?!

Family Matters will be playing a few archived shows these weeks to make room for other amazing things coming up. See below for those links and archives.


Thing 1:

We are getting things ready for a one-day only workshop called Parenting Matters! with Ingrid Bauer, speaker, author, and Nonviolent Communication Trainer in Toronto August 17th, 2013.

If this seems like short notice, well, it is. We’re hoping to attract 30 parents, like you, in the middle of the summer, to come join us for inspiration and to be uplifted.

  • Nourish connection in your family
  • Respond effectively to parenting challenges
  • Create a relationship with your child based on cooperation, connection and trust
  • Transform your understanding of boundaries and limits
  • Guide and lead without force
  • Embody your deepest values in your daily interactions
  • Become the parent / educator you want to be!

THIS IS GOING TO BE FANTASTIC! Please go to the Events Page right away and register!


Thing 2:

Hillside Festival 2013 is also coming up! Wowee!!

Hope to see you there!


Here are the shows we’re broadcasting over the next few weeks:


July 21: Gentle Discipline and Guidance with Sarah MacLaughlin


July 28th: Taking the Power Struggles out of Parenting – Powerful Non-defensive Communication with Sharon Strand Ellison


August 4: Connecting Moms to Moms with Momstown Guelph in anticipating of their family picnic at Riverside Park Wednesday, August 14th, 2013. I’ll be there, hooping. Will you be there too?


Thank you for listening to Family Matters on CFRU 93.3 FM in Guelph, Ontario. Please drop us a line sometime to let us know what you get out of the show.



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