Be The Loving, Grounded P​arent You Wan​t to Be!​

compassionatesolutions - loving your children, healing yourself

Are you ready to pull your hair out because you’re tired of the bickering, whining, or the fuss?

Want to have healthy relationships with your children even though you didn’t get that yourself?

You want to enjoy being a parent again?!

Just saying that feels all tense inside, huh?

Regular family activities can trigger us even in the best of times. But for parents who are recovering from childhood pain and trauma, being a Mom or a Dad can trigger unresolved pain and grief daily.

Just so you know…we don’t mean to be triggered. I can happen because that’s how we get wired growing up that way.

The cool thing is…you can train yourself not to be triggered!


Finally…this could be the relief you’re looking for if you’re ready to face what triggers you the most, heal your heart, and understand why your kids and partner are driving you crazy.

You are capable and resourceful!

AND – working together with a parent coach, you can accomplish far more than, even at your best, you could accomplish alone.


one on one sessions

Find your own answers to life’s challenges through deep listening and inquiry.

Explore different parenting choices without judging or psychoanalyzing.

Parent coaching is great
1. when you don’t want to lose your cool and say something you regret.
2. after you said something you regret, you are ready to explore healing the relationship and a do a do-over.
3. when you want to explore something that triggers you so that you can make a wiser choice next time.
4. when you want to talk about what’s important to you and explore options.

Rate: $90 for 60 minutes


free initial coaching session

A free, 30 minute one one one session to explore your needs and to see if we are a right fit.



A life coach supports you to support your family by bringing curiosity and lightness to your situation. This curiosity, inquiry, and gentle guidance is influenced by the mentor’s experience working with hundreds of parents, both in happy and challenging family situations.


Mentoring works for people like you who are willing to make their own decisions based on respecting what’s important to each person in the family, beginning with you. Easier said than done, of course, but, this is so do-able!


Your coach will advocate for all your needs, help you find compassionate solutions for your whole family, and stand by you so that you see it happen for real.


Can you relate?

  • You want what’s best for your kids but worried you’ve already failed.
  • You’re saddened. Lost. Tired all the time.
  • You remember a time when you gazed longingly into each other’s eyes and you want to see the best in each other again.
  • You’re experiencing caregiver burn-out!
  • You are feeling frustrated and angry much of the time and you need help understanding and communicating what you need and want.
  • You want to know how to connect with the ones you love when they’re angry or sullen or don’t speak to you.
  • You don’t want your kids taking advantage of you.
  • You’re thinking about parenting all the time.
  • You heard from someone that mentoring might help.
  • You’re being realistic, asking your kids and your partner to do simple things, and you feel like you’re talking to the walls.
  • You dread the constant aggravation and bickering over little things, every day.
  • You need relief. Peace of mind. NOW!
  • You want to know when to follow your child’s lead and when to be directive.
  • You are ready to make simple, quick, do-able changes in the way that you guide your kids t so that you see more trust and cooperation in your home.
  • You see yourself as a good parent but worry because you’re yelling more often than you like.
  • Are you scared that this couldn’t get any worse?
  • Are you experiencing parent guilt trying to reassure yourself that you’re not a bad parent?
  • Are you secretly embarrassed that YOU need help?
  • You want to talk to another parent who understands where you’re coming from.
  • Are you afraid that you’re admitting failure by seeking help? You know you need the help and want to be sure that this is going to work for you.
  • This feels like a big step for you.
  • You doubt cooperation is possible but you’re willing to try.
  • You want to try out mentoring before committing to anything.


Is never too early or too late. Whether you have young children, teens, or young adults, you can enjoy family relationships where everyone’s needs matter!


See for yourself!


LISTEN to two coaching sessions recorded for radio to see if this is right for you.

Just about every parent can attest to the challenge of being triggered by what our kids or our partners say and do. If being triggered is a struggle for you, you are not alone. Here are two examples to listen to.

Click on either of these TWO links to listen to a SAMPLE coaching session, They were broadcasted live on Family Matters radio.

Pod Cast: Couples Staying Connection through Parenthood

Pod Cast: Triggered by what your kids say and do?


Family Matters radio Podcasts: We shed some light on what’s important to these parents about their situations. They freed up energy and options that had been out of their reach up until then so that their needs and values were supported by concrete options.


You can have that too!



Another story…

This mom turned her relationship with her teen son around by honestly answering questions that only she could answer for herself and that you can answer for yourself now. This is a good place to start. Then, read below to see what to do next.


Struggling teen gets Mom off his back and pulls his grades up!


A mother calls for coaching. She loves her son so much. She’s desperate and heartbroken. Home life is miserable. She can’t remember the last time she and her son had fun together. Every night, they fight about homework. It’s been going on too long! It’s not like she’s being unreasonable. To make matters worse, her son’s teacher says he’s not doing his school work. The teacher is threatening to fail him. Worse, if he doesn’t keep his grades up, he won’t be able to play on the team. Her son scoffs, “I don’t care!” but deep down, Mom knows being kicked off the team will crush him.

Mom isn’t calling about homework. Otherwise, she’d hire a tutor. Instead, she does NOT want to play ‘bad-cop’ anymore. She’s worried about her relationship with her son. She regrets she’s saying dreadful, hurtful things. She’s triggered every time he rolls his eyes!

What if he shuts her out completely? How does she connect more deeply with her son when he just tunes her out?

Mom answers three questions.

  1. What do you want in your relationship?
  2. What’s actually happening? (a) from Mom’s perspective? (b) from Son’s perspective?
  3. What’s needed to turn this around? What’s in the gap between 1 and 2?

Mom takes what she learned and arranges to talk with her son when they’re both relaxed. Mom and Son openly share what they envision and what’s important to each of them. Coaching helped Mom prepare for this difficult conversation. They learn that they are more alike than different! They agree on a contract. After doing what he said he would do, Son’s grades improve. His self-esteem and confidence soar. Mom and Son are having fun and talking again. Best of all, Son is still on the team and loving it!

Realistically, we won’t fulfill our needs all of the time, but we can acknowledge and accept them with compassionate curiosity and love anytime.

As long as you are willing to take an honest look at where you are at, create a vision of where you want to be, and take do-able steps to get you from here to there, then coaching is for you!


If this is still not for you yet, try out a parent class or have a look around at the other stuff to help you right now: