Balance, self-care, and wellness while raising kids

Lisa Browning , the creator of the One Thousand Trees website and Magazine interviewed me. Here’s the article about balance, self-care and wellness, raising kids to adulthood, and inspiration in June’s issue of “One Thousand Trees”

Lisa is an active freelance writer, and the sole proprietor of words … along the path, offering writing, editing, and desktop publishing/pre-press services.


“All the things I do are small components of what I consider to be my “full-time work”. To manage my days and weeks, I have a very good day-planner and a mindfulness practice to keep from double booking myself and have time for all our activities. I believe that our bodies are giving us feedback all the time if we’re willing to listen. If I feel overwhelmed, then it’s time to re-balance myself.” Wendy McDonnell


 “It (homeschooling) IS a huge commitment…but so is raising children to adulthood.” Wendy McDonnell


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