A New Year. New Memories. Returning To Your Core.

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A New Year. New Memories. Returning To Your Core.


going to feed the chickadeesWe just said goodbye to another year and a beautiful tree that stood in our living room for a few weeks. Decorations of every colour and material from handmade birds and bells, paper and glue, pipe cleaners, delicate glass balls, and ornaments that marked the birth of a new baby are carefully stowed away for another year. It’s a simple tree. The ornaments mark the years when we were prosperous and times when we struggled to put food on the table.


Every year, when we decorate the tree and again when we carefully store each unique piece, we share precious stories, both happy and sad. Each year, we add to those memories and create meaning together. These are the rituals we count on to remember how much we matter to each other. To trust we have a place in this world and that we’re connected. They touch the core of our hearts and our values.


Do you have such traditions to create meaning in your life?


I remember a story from an older gentleman whose son gifted him and his mother an automatic dishwasher. His father thanked him and kindly asked his son to return it. The man said to his son, “Every evening, your mom and I wash the dishes together. I love that time with her. I wouldn’t change that for the world. We don’t need a dishwasher.”


Traditions help us to hold onto old memories and make new ones with our loved ones. Along with making meaning together, they help us to connect with and without words. They are timeless while marking our time together.


With the start of a new year, wintertime invites us to reflect and connect, recharge, and begin to make new memories. Whatever your traditions this year, I hope you experience some timelessness, spaciousness to be present, happy memories, and openness to new experiences, both happy and sad. May you see progress and perfection in your imperfection. With time and effort, I hope you can learn from and laugh at your mistakes. If you choose, take this time to reconnect with your core values and set intentions for a new year…like making wishes on your birthday! What are your big dreams for this year?


Now what?


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