Imagine healthy relationships with your children even though you didn’t get that yourself.

What can you do to help your kids to be decent, responsible people, able to make good decisions?

You want to make a difference in your family. Unfortunately, there’s no job description for that. Sadly, you find yourself losing your patience more often than you want – and you deeply love your children (and your partner too). ” You wonder why parenting seems so easy for others – and not for you. No wonder you end up dispirited and burnt-out. You want your confidence and hope back!


You are not alone.


As you know, parenting is a labour of love. Regular family activities and disputes can trigger us even in the best of times. But for many of us, being a parent can trigger our unresolved pain and grief daily.


Compassionate Solutions helps parents make a difference in their families by sharing stories, articles, videos and Family Matters Radio Shows.

When you feel nervous about being a loving parent because you are still healing from childhood pain or trauma, Compassionate Solutions helps you make that transition so that you can be more loving and kind.




“Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible – the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family.” Virginia Satir.

… and where you are nurtured – whether you read, listen to, or watch an inspirational talk.


Your role as a parent: to be a soft place to land, an advocate for everyone’s immediate needs and long-range values, one who creates a quality of connection where love, acceptance, and encouragement exists, and where everyone is a valuable member of the family.

This leads to trust, healthy attachments and relationships, authenticity, and living a fulfilling life – and children who grow up to be adults with the inner-discipline to make good choices for themselves and others.


Children raised in this environment are more likely to create that same experience in the communities they live in when they grow up. They will do what they know.

Therefore, raising families in this way may be the most direct path to peace.


“Imagine treating yourself with the same kindness that you show people you love.” Geneen Roth


“The path to enlightenment is not a path at all, it’s actually a metaphor for the time it takes for you to allow yourself to be happy with who you already are, where you’re already at, and what you already have – no matter what…The “no matter what” part is big.”  Notes from the Universe


We’ll get along really well if you are also interested in

  • giving your children the childhood you wish you had
  • strong family relationships
  • understanding why your kids do and say what they do
  • giving your kids and yourself something you struggle to receive – unconditional acceptance and love
  • being able to listen to your children – even when they say things that are difficult to hear
  • standing up for what’s important to you and setting authentic limits
  • hanging out with other trail-blazing parents who also believe that trust, cooperation and peace are possible
  • considering everyone’s needs, without giving in or giving up
  • creating a family lifestyle that works for all of you
  • developing your leadership skills
  • leading from your values
  • communicating more effectively
  • life learning, attachment parenting, the principles of nonviolence, and simple living
  • creating a loving, collaborative co-parenting plan to support your changing family because you are one of a growing number of divorced parents who does not want to drag your kids through a bitter custody battle
  • taking an honest look at where you are at, creating a vision of where you want to be, and taking simple, do-able steps to get you from here to there


“Frequently people think compassion and love are merely sentimental. No! They are very demanding. If you are going to be compassionate, be prepared for action.” Archbishop Desmond Tutu (born 1931), Nobel Peace Prize Winner


“Conflict is not optional. The way we respond to it is. Peace is a way of living with conflict rather than a way of living without it.” Dominic Barter, Restorative Circles


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FAMILY = two or more people living together or apart related by blood, marriage, adoption or other commitment to caring for one another.

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